The Kookaberry has its own Integrated Development Environment (KookaIDE) which allows access to many of its features.  

  • REPL :  single line execution of MicroPython code
  • EDITOR: writing of MicroPython programs as well as program editing
  • RUN:  a facility to run a program directly on the Kookaberry
  • LOAD : a facility that allows the loading of stored programs into the Editor
  • SAVE: a facility that allows programs developed or modified in the Editor to be stored (saved)
  • TEACHER'S WINDOW: a training and teaching facility that allows the Kookaberry display to be mirrored onto a connected computer via a separate window

The latest version of the KookaIDE is held in a github repository but can be downloaded from this website as described elsewhere

The KookaIDE Folder

When the KookaIDE Zip file has been downloaded and the files extracted, the folder will look like the image to the right.


Opening the KookaIDE

Connect a Kookaberry to a Windows computer and open the KookaIDE app. (Double click the file).

Because it is what is called an executable app – which can cause problems if not from a trusted source – a computer running Windows 10 will probably generate the two warnings to the left. 

It is safe to run this programme.

When the first warning appears, click “more info” and when the second warning appears. click “Run Anyway”


Running the IDE

If a Kookaberry is connected to the computer before the KookaIDE is opened, the screen on the right will display with a flashing window in the REPL window (the left hand one).

If the KookaIDE is running without a Kookaberry connected a message will appear in the REPL windows "Waiting for Kookaberry....." The screen will change to the one on the right when a Kookaberry is connected.

Learn more about editing and the controls→



The Teacher's window

Turn on the Kookaberry (whilst still connected to the computer) and click on Enable display at the bottom left hand corner of the right hand window.

The Teachers’ Window will appear in a separate window on the computer. This can be mirrored onto a classroom monitor or smart board.

The interface is very fast and response is close to real time